Protons by Chris Priest




Chris Priest “The Millennium British Champion of Close up Magic” for the first time releases his amazing sponge ball routine to the magic fraternity.

Protons gives your audience a non stop roller coaster ride of amazing magic from start to finish.The routine starts with both hands empty, only to pluck a coloured ball from the spectators hand, this fast paced routine , jam packed with visual mind boggling magic that grows to an awesome climax your audience will talk about for along time to come.

This DVD features live performances of Chris performing the Protons routine for a real audience, so you can witness the real reactions from the routine.

Everything is here, the performance, the presentation, with detailed teaching instructions and psychology involved, its magical masterpiece you will love performing.

“When I first saw Chris Perform Protons, I thought what a fantastic routine and I knew I had to learn it, it’s so good! It’s the best sponge ball routine I have ever seen!”
David Penn. British Champion of illusion.

“This is a cracking commercial routine that will pound your audiences senses”

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