Master Card Routines by Chris Priest




The Ace Reception act is a piece of theatre in itself. This is the routine Chris uses at pre dinner drinks receptions which quickly establishes the performer as an expert with cards. The presentation starts with the deck being shuffled by the spectator, the performer then finds all four aces from the shuffled deck.
This routine involves the audience all the way through with them making choices to how the routine turns out. Highly engaging visual card magic that will break the ice at any reception.JFK
The JFK routine starts out as a mind reading feat, Chris then uses the chosen signed card to demonstrate a poker sleight. This routine is designed to get your business card into your spectators hand in an amazing unforgettable way. Chris’s handling of the Kennedy box finish is fantastic. If you are looking for new bookings then this is a highly recommended routine to place in you act.

This DVD features live performances of Chris performing both routines for a real audience, so you can witness the real reactions from the routines. Everything is here, the performance, the presentation, with detailed teaching instructions and psychology involved, they are magical masterpieces that will bring you new business.

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