The Master Coin Routine by Chris Priest




Chris Priest first saw David Roth’s excellent coins across routine some 15 years ago; this was the inspiration for his Master Coin Routine.

Many top magicians have asked Chris to teach them this award winning routine, Chris always declined, until now, the wait is over! This is Chris’s signature routine from his professional repertoire.

The routine starts by producing four silver dollars from the air, the last one appears on the spectators hand, coins travel fast, in slow motion, under impossible conditions from on hand to the other, the last one leaving your audience with their jaws wide open.

Then comes an explanation using only one coin, this coin then vanishes, appears, falls up and lands on the back of a spectators hand, disappears and then appears on an outstretched spectators hand, melts through your trouser pockets, and vanishes right in front of their eyes! Jam packed with visual mind boggling magic the routine grows to an awesome climax your audience will talk about for along time to come.

This DVD features live performances of Chris performing the Master Coin Routine for a real audience, so you can witness the real reactions from the routine. Everything is here, the performance, the presentation, with detailed teaching instructions and psychology involved, its magical masterpiece you will love performing. Learn this and you will have an outstanding piece of magic that will last you a lifetime.

When a top magician shares his number 1 set its worth listening, when it’s Chris Priest it’s an absolute must. This is one of my favourite routines in all of magic; I can’t believe he is sharing this!
David Penn. British Champion of illusion.

An amazing, entertaining, expertly crafted routine, the construction, presentation of this routine is second to none,
Nick Einhorn 

The Master Coin Routine is solidly crafted and audience tested; I know, I’ve seen the reactions time after time. I never thought Chris would give this away.
Sav  The Deceptionist.

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